Legal Costs

Most law firms bill their clients by calculating the time spent working on your matter and usually charge in increments of 6 minutes. This method of billing leaves open the question of costs and makes it difficult for a client to know with any certainty what the costs in their matter are likely to be.

At HCM Legal, we understand that the question of costs in any litigation is of great concern to our clients and, unlike most other law firms, we assist our clients in managing their litigation costs by providing fixed costs for the work we do, as well as providing Counsel included in our fixed costs.
This enables our clients to know with certainty exactly what their costs are going to be so that they can budget accordingly. Under certain circumstances, we also provide an interest-free repayment plan to assist our clients pay off the costs they incur in their matter.

Free 1 Hour Initial Consultation with a Family Lawyer

We will review your paperwork, answer your questions and evaluate your case – completely free of charge.

We do not limit the consultation to just one hour. If we need more time to discuss your matter and find a solution, we will spend more time with you without any extra charges. Our goal is to help you.

Initial Consultation Fee Waived

The fee for the initial consultation is waived on condition that we are engaged as legal representatives. The condition fee is reimbursed at the conclusion of the matter.

Fixed Fee Quotes for All Services

Transparency is our key competence. We will provide you with a fixed fee quote for your case or a particular stage of your case.

Our fixed fee can be paid by way of Payment Plan. You still can choose the traditional hourly rates. We promise that you will not feel uncomfortable about legal costs because we will give you a clear estimate of fees and our hourly rates are low.

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*The fee for the initial consultation is waived on condition that we are engaged as legal representative.

Family Law

HCM Legal specialise in providing advice and representation in all Family Law matters, and treat every case with nothing but the highest ethical standards.

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Criminal Defence

Have the police charged you with a criminal offence? We provide a full range of services for all criminal matters.

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Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest financial transactions most of us will ever make. We’re here to guide you through the process.

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Driving Offences

Have you been charged with drink driving, drug driving, speeding or any other driving or traffic matter?

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Immigration Law

Thinking about migrating to Australia, temporary visas or just visiting? HCM Legal offers a full and comprehensive service.

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Our team at HCM Legal are experts in drafting wills as well as appointing Power of Attorney’s.

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Wonderful to have a legal firm like HCM Legal covering your back. Quite professional.

Kudakwashe Mahachi

Haatsari is a beautiful lady with a loving caring nature & will always go the extra mile for you.

Sharon White

A woman who has gone beyond the imagination of most people and can thoroughly do her job professionally and to one’s satisfaction! Keep flying, the sky is the limit!

DI Kayi Chiviz

Haatsari is extremely professional and goes above and beyond for her clients. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking legal advice.

Kayla Nolan

HC Marunda was a dedicated and reliable advocate. She was available to answer all my questions and gave me sound guidance that I needed in a domestic violence situation. She gave advise that was timely and relevant to my situation and empowered me to fight for my child and for my own rights.


Why people love HCM Legal

About HCM Legal

A Personal Approach

We promise a very personal approach in dealing with your legal matters.

Fixed Fee Packages

We offer a wide range of fixed fee packages for many of our services so legal fees are fixed and crystal clear.

Clear Payment Plans

We offer clear Payment Plans for those who cannot afford to pay full fees upfront.

6 days a Week

We are open weekdays, and Saturdays from 9am – 12pm.

FREE 1 Hour Initial Consultation

The fee for the initial consultation is waived on condition that we are engaged as legal representative.

15m FREE Telephone Consultation

Talk to us free for 15m about your family law matter.

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