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Brisbane Driving Offences

If you been charged with drink driving, drug driving, speeding, driving whilst disqualified or any other driving or traffic matter then you should contact us immediately as there can be defences to these charges.

The courts have access to a broad range of penalties for traffic offences, and some of the penalties imposed are mandatory for certain offences. As such, defendants need the best possible legal advice and representation when defending traffic offences, if they are to obtain a satisfactory legal outcome.

We are highly experienced in driving and traffic matters, and have represented defendants on a wide variety of traffic offences in the past. HCM Legal can advise defendants on the best strategy in order to minimise the possible penalty. Among the matters with which we can assist you are:

  • Licence Appeals, including advice for taking the matter to Court. Penalties which may be appealed include suspension for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 or 45 kilometres an hour, or suspension of a provisional driver for loss of merit points.
  • Applications for the Interlock Driving Program. This program allows drivers convicted of serious alcohol-related offences to continue driving if they obtain an interlock license. The interlock device is an electronic breath-testing device which prevents a car starting if the driver fails a breath test.
  • Common driving offences, including driving unlicensed, driving while disqualified or driving while suspended.
  • Speeding offences, including exceeding the speed limit by more than 10, 20, 30 or 45 kilometres.
  • Driving while using a mobile phone. It is illegal to drive a vehicle while using a hand-held mobile phone, or to drive while using a hands-free device if it causes you to lose control of a vehicle.
  • Seat belt penalties.
  • Drink driving offences, ranging from novice-range to high-range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) offences.
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